Michael Arnold
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships
Pfizer's Global Clinical Supply Chain
Michael is a licensed, registered pharmacist and is the Business Process Owner for Investigational Products and Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships for Pfizer's Global Clinical Supply Chain. He has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the past 33 years. His responsibilities have included managing Pfizer’s Global Clinical Supply Operations, directing Supply Chain Management activities, Clinical Supply Forecasting, warehousing, packaging, labeling and distribution, comparative agent manufacturing, writing manufacturing sections supporting Investigational New Drug Applications, establishing a Pfizer Import/Export process, designing, validating and implementing new clinical supply computer systems, and establishing Pfizer's outsourcing program for packaging, labeling, warehousing, distribution of clinical supplies and placebo and comparator agent manufacturing. 
Michael is currently Vice Chairman of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers International Board of Directors, Chairman of  ISPE’s Quality Metrics Leadership Team, Chairman of the ISPE New Content Advisory Group, a member and Past-Chair of the ISPE Investigational Products Community of Practice, a member and Past-Chair of the ISPE Community of Practice Council, a member of the ISPE Board Executive Committee, an ISPE Regulatory Subcommittee member and a member of the Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Leadership Forum (GPMLF).
In collaboration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE), and Health Canada, he directed the publication of an Industry Good Practice Guide on the use of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) to manage clinical supply use-by dates and Program level pooling of clinical trial supplies. He has published other Webcasts and White Papers on Clinical Trial Supply processes. He has made numerous international presentations on clinical supply processes and supply chain security.
Michael lives in Westbrook, CT with his wife Angela where they enjoy spending time with their 2 year old grandson Nicholas.